Houston Personal Injury Lawyers

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Our firm represents people who have been wrongfully injured through the reckless actions of another. We focus on select, catastrophic personal injury cases arising from accidents in refineries and plants, oil fields, construction sites and on the road. Our cases involve high-stakes situations where winning is the only option. If you or a loved one recently suffered an injury caused by another person or company, give us a call immediately to discuss your options.

Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death

If you or a loved one was involved in an accident caused by someone else which resulted in personal injuries or death, you may have a claim against the irresponsible person and/or company for failing to act responsibly. During this time of extreme sadness and anger, you need guidance on your options to right this terrible wrong.

Construction Accidents

While all jobs have risks, jobs in the construction industry are inherently more dangerous than most, but that doesn’t mean construction workers aren’t entitled to a safe workplace. In fact, because of the known risks on a construction site, owners and operators on a job site must make sure safety is priority one. Unfortunately, when pushed to meet deadlines and finish a project on time, corners are cut and safety becomes less of a priority. When this happens on project site, people get harmed, sometimes fatally.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents often involve catastrophic injuries due to the nature of the work and the calamities associated with industrial accidents. Working with and around dangerous heavy machinery, power tools, and chemicals can easily cause accidents if appropriate safety procedures are not followed.

Trucking Accidents

The Houston metropolitan area is one of the highest volume commercial traffic areas anywhere in the United States. With such high traffic density, truck accidents are frequent and often devastating for those involved. Insurance companies and their insurers will often reach out to an injured individual immediately following an accident with one of their drivers under the guise of trying to help. Before agreeing to anything or signing any documentation, you should consult with one of our attorneys to make sure you are not signing away any of your rights.

Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately for motorcycles, many drivers on the road are reckless, and don’t exercise the caution necessary to share the road safely. Only a moment of one driver’s carelessness can cause motorcycle accidents – and usually the motorcycle riders pay the price.