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Insurance Disputes

Because the future is unpredictable, people and businesses rely on insurance companies to protect them from unforeseen circumstances. In exchange for monthly premiums, people should receive compensation for the loss of their belongings and property in the event of a disaster. Unfortunately, this system doesn’t always work out for policyholders. All too often, insurance companies wrongfully deny, delay, or underpay insurance claims, leaving property owners paying out-of-pocket for costly repairs or, in many unfortunate situations, going without being able to effectuate the repairs. However, all policyholders have rights, and if an insurance company operates in bad faith, policyholders can hold them accountable.

Under Texas law, policyholders have a right to have their claim investigated fairly and promptly. Additionally, any insurance company that denies a claim must provide a reasonable explanation for the denial. When insurance companies refuse to pay as required by the policy and in accordance with the true amount of the damages you have sustained, our firm refuses to accept such conduct and will fight for your rights. Many insurance companies will refuse to pay the full value of claims arising from Hurricane Harvey. Don’t be a victim, and let our firm fight to get what you deserve.

Bad Faith Tactics

Insurance companies sometimes use bad faith tactics in negotiating or failing to timely pay a due or owing claim. Some of the most common bad faith tactics insurance companies use to deny or undervalue a claim include:

  • Claiming the property damage is just normal “wear and tear”
  • Asserting the damage was caused by improper maintenance
  • Misstating or miscalculating the age of the property
  • Stating the cost of the damage is less than the deductible
  • Stating the damage doesn’t fall under the terms of the insurance policy

In addition to these bad faith tactics, some insurance companies will also unnecessarily delay claims, causing policyholders to pay out of pocket for immediate repairs or suffer additional property damage waiting for repairs to be made. Although these tactics violate the Texas Insurance Code, laws protecting policy holders do not always ensure these types of practices stop from occurring. For policyholders, this means getting the compensation promised in their policy can be challenging if not impossible without the help of an attorney.

Why Choose Walston Bowlin Callender?

Our attorneys know how an insurance dispute can bring your entire business and your life to a screeching halt. That’s why we advocate fiercely for our clients while offering creative fee agreements. With over 30 years of combined litigation experience, we aren’t afraid to take on large insurance companies and we know how best to pursue compensation from them. If you have an insurance dispute, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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