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Eminent Domain and Condemnation

As Texas’s economy continues to grow and prosper, it has become necessary for state and federal governments to exercise their right of eminent domain. This means the government can force businesses and individuals to sell private property for public projects, such as the building or expanding of highways, rail lines, electric lines, gas pipelines, power plants, and public buildings through a legal process called condemnation. Unfortunately, government agencies don’t often properly valuate the “just” and “adequate” compensation owed to property owners. The power of condemnation is not limited to governments – private entities may also have the power of eminent domain for projects deemed to be effectively for a public use.

Fortunately, landowners’ rights are protected in both the United States and Texas Constitutions. However, the complex procedural and substantive legal principles applicable in condemnation cases make it difficult for landowners to obtain a fair value for their property on their own. Many people become intimidated by the complexities of the process and simply give up and accept whatever the government offers them. Don’t make that mistake.

Know Your Rights

Although the government has the authority to take private property, its power is not unlimited. With the help of an experienced eminent domain lawyer, you can keep the government’s authority in check. Private property can only be taken for public use and even then, only if the landowner receives fair compensation for the taking of their property. If you feel the government is wrongfully taking your land or offering you far less than your property is worth, you have a right to file an inverse condemnation claim, challenging the government’s plan to take your land. Our law firm is well versed in all matters relating to eminent domain laws and condemnation cases.

Walston Bowlin Callender: Houston Eminent Domain and Condemnation Lawyers

Our creative and flexible approach to legal fees ensures our clients receive the best possible outcome in condemnation cases. If the government contacted you about taking your land, contact us to learn about your rights and our approach. Our attorneys focus on advocating for property owners in eminent domain cases and understand how to obtain truly “just” and “adequate” compensation for the taking of your property. Contact us today for help.

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